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  Well-Being Seminars

If you are looking to dip your toe into what mindful well-being looks like, or want to offer a remarkable, unique and impactful staff training, a seminar is a great fit.  These 1-3 hour offerings are experience based, so you can truly feel the impact.  


1) Seminars are an easy introduction to promoting positive workplace culture and addressing specific issues for those interested in improving aspects of their mental health and well-being, personally or in the classroom.

2) Deepen staff understanding of how mindfulness can play a pivotal role in cultivating emotional well-being as the organization investigates and integrates wellness programs into their company culture.

Session Topics:

  • Mindful Well-Being 101
  • The Pause: 2 Minutes a Day Can Be a Game Changer
  • A Taste of Mindful Eating: What's in a Bite?
  • Identify Your Stress Signature: Managing Stress Skillfully
  • Improve Your Sleep
  • Detach from Sticky, Stressful Thoughts
  • Listening without Fixing
  • Compassion as Self-Care
  • Mindfulness is Evidence Based: Let's Talk Research

 Foundational Trainings

The Foundations of Mindful Well-Being course is designed as an exploration and integration of well-being strategies into the participant's life. Each session is grounded in research-based concepts and practices, relatable for work and home scenarios. Learn how to work with your own patterns and habits to add more nourishing moments and replace those that are depleting.

This course has been vetted for over 10 years! 


1) These sessions guide participants to explore and investigate their own patterns and well-being. They lay the foundation for sustainable changes in individual well-being.

2) Participants develop increased self-awareness skills for emotional regulation personally and in group settings, leading to improved relationships between themselves, students and colleagues.

3) These sessions set the stage for educator retention. Providing learning opportunities to decrease stress, anxiety and feelings of burnout sends a strong message through the district that educator well-being is a priority.

4) Organizations often use the Foundations course to dedicate resources towards developing entire teams or a leadership focus on emotional and relational well-being as the organization integrates and scales wellness programs in their company culture.

Popular Formats

  • 1 Day - 7 Hours
  • 8 Sessions - 60 minutes each
  • 6 Sessions - 90 Minutes Each

 Organizational Change Programs

Growing Minds has been a trusted partner for more than a decade - helping schools and organizations pave a path to greater emotional well-being, both individually and collectively. From these collaborations we’ve learned a lot about the ingredients for generating customized, sustainable organizational change.

 While the process differs for every organization, we have learned that for well-being initiatives to become part of an organization’s culture they tend to:  
  • Build on the strengths and values of the community.  
  • Apply a growth mindset; celebrating what is working well, while envisioning what’s possible. 
  • Integrate mindful well-being learning and practice into the organization’s existing structures and practices. 
  • Are inclusive; respecting the culture and context of the diverse experiences and perspectives of every member of the organization along the way.  

These programs are always customized to the needs of the organization, below are the components we work with to build your program:

 Train the Trainer

Pre-Requisite: Growing Minds Level 1 training or similar class;

Would you like to further your mindfulness practice and learn to share the same skills with youth or adults? Become an instructor and gain the knowledge to articulate the concepts behind the practices, guide practices and lead discussions that grow reflective capacities.

Participants learn to explain and guide others in concepts and strategies that help to create calm and caring spaces. Each volume includes 20 lessons for use in classroom or counseling environments. Lessons include detailed outlines, videos, practice scripts, journaling prompts, and additional activities. The lessons do not need to be used in order.

The course is offered in two levels, making it easier to learn the foundational lesson for increases in resilience and begin teaching.  For those interested in continuing their training, we offer Level 2 which includes lessons cultivating insight and growth through changing one's patterns..


1) Train participants to teach well-being skills to others. The 20 age-appropriate lessons are designed to be delivered within 15-20 minutes, depending on the age of the learner and experience of the facilitator.

2) Develop a sustainable, mindful culture of well-being for personal and social regulation by training a core team of trainers capable of guiding others in skills for calm and caring classrooms, and organizational culture.

3) Train youth/adults in mindful awareness strategies and have a direct impact on culture and emotional intelligence, including resiliency, healthy relationships, empathy and compassion.

 Online Learning

Our online sessions are a great option for self-motivated participants who want to dive deeper into the evidence-based strategies and cutting-edge neuroscience of well-being.  The concepts and methodologies are all based on the work of leading researchers and mindfulness experts.

This flexible online delivery model is designed to provide usable knowledge, practices, and a relatable language for mindfulness that can be integrated and shared with ease. Certificates of completion are offered at the end of each module.

Course Materials:

  • 45-60 minutes of video content per session
  • Course can be taken in 2-4 minute increments at the participant’s convenience
  • 2+ mindfulness practices per session
  • Reflection prompts to apply content on a personal level
  • 2 Hour 'Certificate of Completion' for each session
  • Additional PDF of resources for long term reference

Explore Our Course Bundles:

We have a lot to offer in our 10 sessions.  We have broken up our courses into 2 bundles of 5 with clear outcomes.  If you are looking for exploring the concepts and applying practices to your life, Everyday Resilience is a great place to start.  If you are looking to investigate your own patterns and dig deep into what supports you, Cultivating Insight would be a great fit.
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