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Looking to give kids and young adults skills to face the ups and downs of life with more resilience and confidence? Growing Minds offers an array of customizable sessions that give youth the mental and emotional skills they need to flourish, inside and out.

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Outcomes you see and they feel

Below are 5 categories of Social Emotional Skills that are developed in our sessions.  While they are considered soft skills, they create tangible impacts in the classroom and beyond.  We are proud to empower youth to strengthen and hone the following skills.

Focus & Attention
Being able to focus is crucial whether you're doing homework, getting ready for exams/standardized testing or just trying to pay attention amidst the noise in your own head. Knowing when your mind has wandered in a sea of non-stop distractions is also a critical skill in determining moment-to-moment happiness.
It is not uncommon for youth to feel like there is something 'wrong with them' or alone in their thoughts and emotions. Creating a common language and safe space to learn them can normalize mental health concepts and remove stigmas often associated with them.
Self-Awareness & Self-Regulation
Slowing down to notice one's own behaviors at school, home, with friends, and everywhere between, is a lifelong skill that offers youth more awareness and choice in the things they do and say. Building these skills are foundational to developing the capacity to create and maintain healthy and happy relationships.
Thoughts & Emotions
The inner world of the mind can be a bit of a tricky thing (for teens, even more so!). Having tools to work with a barrage of thoughts and emotions is a  powerful way to help youth feel less overwhelmed and alone and more confident and resilient.
Social Awareness & Relationship Skills
Social awareness and healthy relationships skills provide insight into others and can develop stronger bonds and greater compassion.  These skills provide youth with a gift that keeps on giving throughout their lifetime.

 Students feel the difference  

"I’m not hyper all the time."
2nd Grade Participant
"I got over my fear of standing in front of the class."​
5th Grade Participant
"I’m getting rid of stress and I’m learning it’s okay to be different. And I learned to conquer my upset feelings."
High School Participant

Session Topics

We grouped our 20+ sessions, each with experiential learning, tangible tools and opportunities to reflect and discover those a-ha moments, into broader categories.  Expand each section to learn more about what fits within that topic.  In our consultation call, we will work with you to find the perfect combination of sessions to meet your goals.

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Our Process

Free Consultation.
Solidify Topics and Times.
Learn and Practice.

Growing Minds has over 12 years of experience teaching these concepts to both youth and adults.  Our mission is to create safe and caring spaces by expanding understanding of mental health and mindfulness concepts, and exploring with participants what these ideas look like in within themselves and in their relationships.  

We want to work with you to understand the daily challenges you and the youth you are working with are facing.  From there, we will work with you to recommend a set of lessons.  Our motto is "short times, many times" and that is also how we like to teach. The groups with whom we work often benefit from experiencing a few sessions at a time and having space in between to weave the skills and practices into their everyday lives. This leaves them ready and waiting for the next round of mindfulness-based skills to try out!   

Our long-term hope is not only to strengthen the mental and emotional "toolbox” of youth, but to leave the adults around them with the know-how to continue teaching and cultivating these mental health and mindful well-being skills for years to come.

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