Well-Being Seminars

Are you interested in promoting a positive workplace culture that values and supports mental and emotional wellness? These compact, but powerful sessions are designed to enhance personal well-being, relational health, and emotional intelligence by addressing specific and relatable topics through the lens and science of mindful awareness.  


Choose A Topic

Select a single session that speaks to the needs of your team. We can also stack multiple seminars in the course of a day, allowing team members to choose the topics that speak to them most!  


Pick A Date

Book today to invest in your team’s well-being!  Once submitted, we will reach out to you to confirm your selected date, and get your specific details.


Experience with Your Team

Sit back and enjoy training in well-being alongside your team, experiencing practices and examples that are relevant at work and at home, and walking away with practical tools to weave into everyday life. 

Seminar Descriptions

Get in touch now and enhance your team's well-being, easily and effectively.

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