Frequently Asked Questions

Technology Tips and Tricks

1. Each session is approximately 60 minutes in total. It is divided into 1-4 minute units so that you can stop when you choose and pick up where you left off, depending on the demands of your work or home life. We invite you to pace yourself accordingly so you do not feel any unnecessary pressure.
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2. When you submit a Reflection, we will respond to you generally within 48 hours. Our comments can be found in the platform where you take your class. Once we receive and have acknowledged your response, you will be able to reach 100% completion of the course.
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3. When taking the Quizzes within each session, there are typically 2-3 questions per quiz. The advance arrow that moves from one question to the next is on the bottom of the screen. 
The quizzes are designed to reinforce key concepts. If your response is not accurate, simply review the information and try again. We aren't trying to trick you or stress you out, yet we do want to ensure the pertinent take-aways are highlighted and fully grasped. Remember, grades are not being given.
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4. To augment understanding and relatability of each concept, we have incorporated scenarios from both work and home life. We have "Education" scenarios that relate to those who work in K-12 /higher education. There are also "Business" scenarios that relate to people who work in an office. You may choose to explore both stories, or just the one that you feel applies most to your situation.
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5. Certificates are available once you have completed the session and we have acknowledged receipt of your Reflections. Please allow 48 hours for your reflections to be processed.
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General Questions

1.  What is mindful awareness?
What a great question.  Being mindful is learning how to extend and maintain moments of undivided attention in the present moment with kindness and without judgment. There are many ways to access this innate human capacity. And research substantiates the benefits those who practice experience.   

If you want to see more resources and answers to similar questions, please visit Our Blog!
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2. As an individual, where should I begin?
When taken altogether, our first five Fundamentals of Mindful Living sessions are designed to introduce principles and practices sequentially, each building a strong foundation of personal well-being. Like ripples on a pond, participants who proceed through the series in this way experience over time the powerful impact cultivating mindful skills has for themselves and for those around them. 

Preview our Foundations of Mindful Well-Being sequence:
The Pause: I want to learn the basics of mindfulness and how to take short breaks to reset my emotions.
Training the Active Mind: I want to slow down my non-stop, overly critical mind.
Our Stress Response: I feel reactive and would like to understand how to manage my stress.
Compassion: I want to learn to calm my emotions and support myself under stress.
Cultivating Positivity: I want to hardwire happiness into my life and relationships.

All participants are encouraged to access our Free Practices to weave more mindful moments into your day.
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3. Are you holding in-person trainings at this time?
We are currently hosting our live sessions in-person in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area and through Zoom or similar platforms.
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4. How do you structure organization wide trainings?
As schools and workplaces strive for equity and excellence, building a sustainable foundation of social and emotional wisdom and well-being is at the heart of this work. Growing Minds works collaboratively with our school and workplace partners to tailor implementation of our courses to meet your unique needs. We offer online, in-person, as well as live virtual training and conferencing. Contact us to discuss how we can build upon your strengths to meet your individual and whole-school, organization-wide goals.

General Online Learning Questions

1. How are these sessions structured?
Each session is approximately 60 minutes.  It is built in sections so you don't have to start and finish in one sitting.  Whether you prefer to work 5 minutes at a time or find your flow and move through the session in one sitting, you will find the teachings, practices, and reflections will keep you engaged.  The course will keep track of where you are, so don't worry about losing your place.
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2. What if I miss a class? How long do I have to complete each session?
There is no class to miss! You take it at your own pace.  The course identifies the date each session is released, and how long you'll have access to it.  The benefit of taking each session when released, is to keep yourself on a routine, for your own personal practice, and so you can read and contribute to the class discussions which have so much value.
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3. Can I take the Sessions out of order?
There is definitely no harm in taking the sessions in any order. 
We have created a sequence that we have seen beneficial: 1) The Pause, 2) Training the Active Mind, 3) Our Stress Response, 4) Compassion 5) Cultivating Positivity.
Feel autonomous choosing your journey!
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4. How much out of class work will be involved?
Our motto is short times many times. Between classes, we suggest topics for deeper reflection and provide guidance on ways to integrate mindful practices into your daily life.  We provide a downloadable, fillable PDF to track your own practices.

When you take the courses as a series, those who enjoy learning alongside others can participate in our online community.  

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5. Who can sign up?
Anyone is welcome to take these courses! Mindfulness is helpful for all people, in all stages of life.  We have specialized examples embedded within the course for educators and parents, as well as for those those who work in office settings.
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6. What if I can't afford the fee?
We value accessibility, and want to spread mindfulness skills far and wide.  For that reason, we have a limited number of scholarships. Email to learn more.
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7.  What level of experience do I need to have with meditation?
Our courses are for anyone who wants to start or deepen their personal practice.  If you are new to mindfulness, starting with our introduction and working through the sessions sequentially is ideal.  If you are an experienced practitioner, you will benefit from both the content and the community to practice alongside.
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8.  Can I buy a gift card or a class for a friend?
We do not have gift cards, instead we have "Purchase this course as a Gift'.  Click this text to learn more!
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9.  Can I get Continuing Education Credit? 
While we are not licensed to give you CEU's at this time, we are able to give you a certificate documenting the learning hours.  We will offer whatever guidance we can in your process to get those hours accredited.  If this is of interest, please email us at
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10.  Can I sign up a group or team?
Absolutely!  This may be repetitive by now, but just email us!  We offer special pricing, customized reminder emails, as well as virtual/zoom coaching calls.