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Take 5ive

Growing Minds is introducing Take 5ive, a series of animated mindfulness videos that make it easy for teachers and others to bring mindful awareness practices into classrooms, meetings, or homes, without having to be an expert in mindfulness!
Take 5ive offers three types of guided exercises and practices that:
  1.     Develop focus and attention skills
  2.     Cultivate everyday kindness strategies, including compassion and gratitude, and
  3.     Reset and attune the mind-body connection through movement.​
With the guidance of nurturing voices, beautiful scenery and trauma informed care language, any class or group can take 5 breaths or 5 minutes to be mindful and notice how they are feeling. Each time Take 5ive is used, more intentional and less reactive behavior is being cultivated.

Follow these links to view all the Take 5ive Practices