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Foundations of Mindful Well-Being

Cultivating Insight

This bundle of 5 courses heightens awareness to your own patterns and conditioned responses. The insight you gain offers an ability to be more intentional with your habits, leading to more nourishing choices. A sense of liberation is cultivated each time you identify a conditioned pattern and find you have the choice to maintain or change it! This bundle provides the guidance needed to notice autopilot patterns, identify your stress signature, observe your thought patterns, find ways to approach difficult moments and develop a self-care mindset for every day. You’ll walk away with a renewed sense of self, and be reinvigorated to nurture more trusting relationships with those around you. 

What do you mean by Foundations?

These five sessions help you dive deep into self-reflection so that you can assess what is nourishing and what is depleting.  They are foundational because the tools included help build a strong base for a sustained sense of well-being.

Short times, many times

Each of these sessions give you tools to implement into your life.  The hardest part about mindfulness is incorporating it into your day-to-day, and we really center around this idea in this series.

Notice Your Habits

Waking Up to Autopilot, Working with Thoughts and Self-Care Mindset all include activities to reflect on your existing habits so you can take actionable steps towards nourishing behaviors.

Ride Life's Waves

In addition to spot on metaphors 🙃, these sessions offer supportive tools so that you can go with the flow... even when experiencing a rip tide.

What's in the Bundle?

  • 5 Unique Sessions
  • 45-60 Minutes of Video Content per Session
  • Course can be taken in 2-4 Minute Increments at the Participants Convenience
  • 2-3 Mindfulness Practices per Session
  • Downloadable Certificate of Completion for each Session (2 hours of learning each)
  • Additional PDF of Resources for Long-Term Reference
  • Weekly Email Boosters to Remind Participants to Schedule Courses into Their Day
  • Online Discussion Board to Connect with Others and Build Community
Courses included

Foundations of Mindful Well-Being

Cultivating Insight

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What our learners say

I would like to get better at controlling stress and anxiety in my life, and  that is what motivates me to notice more about felt sense and emotions,  When I can observe how my body and emotions are reacting to a situation, and then couple that with a pause, I can assess whether or not the situation causing the reaction is something I can change to not.  If I can't change the trigger, then perhaps with observation and pause, I can change my reaction ... even if that's just deep breathing to calm down.  All these mindfulness techniques work together. 
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Cultivating Insight

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