Course Features

Waking Up from Autopilot

Change how you experience your life.

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What's Included?

  • 1hr Video Content
  • 3 Mindfulness Practices
  • Certificate of Completion for 2hrs of learning
  • Additional Resources

Course Description:

Are you caught up in the daily grind? It is not unusual to find ourselves going through the motions of our day on autopilot, meeting the demands of life, but feeling like there is something missing. In this session called Waking Up from Autopilot, you'll discover how operating on “autopilot” may unwittingly be taking over too much of your life. Through practices like the 3-Minute Breathing Space, Mindful Eating, and Waking Up from Autopilot, you'll connect with what it feels like to truly experience the moment. By the end of the session, you'll have the framework you need to appreciate the small, overlooked moments of your day, and the skills you need to interrupt autopilot patterns that are not serving you well. And, you may even find you are amazed by what you’ve been missing!  

Course Lessons