What does it mean to be mindful?

We often get asked, "What does it mean to be mindful?" 

Everyone has the ability to bring their undivided attention to what they are doing in the present moment – this is a natural ability. Being mindful is learning how to extend and maintain those moments of focus for increasing amounts of time. Mindfulness is taking the natural ability to focus, and converting it into to a skill through gentle guidance and practice.

These skills can be used at any time during the day, when extra attention or a calmer, kinder attitude is beneficial.
Mindfulness can be used whenever you have a strong emotion or you want to make progress towards a goal or accomplish a task.
At Growing Minds, we teach techniques to help you train your brain. After repeated practice, neural connections develop which help to access your internal super powers, and to cultivate constructive habits of thinking and behaving.
New to mindfulness? Some of the many benefits of mindfulness practices are explained in these informative videos: