Setting Your Highest Intentions

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Have you ever noticed how life continually unfolds as a series of transitions?   

Some are small and momentary: like shifting from one task to the next, going from home to work and back again, getting kids out the door or down for bed. Others are life-altering: gaining or losing a job, starting or ending a relationship, the arrival of a new baby, a change of residence, retirement.  

Transitions can be predictable like the change of seasons or the start of a new school year. Sometimes they arrive without warning - like an unexpected illness, house guest or a global pandemic! 
Whether welcomed or unexpected, this ever-evolving tide of changes all have one thing in common …
How we approach moments of change and transition can make a huge impact on how we weather and navigate them, as well as how we are transformed by them going forward.
Learning how to approach moments of change and transition is a learned skill. We all know things continually shift in life. But at an emotional level, most of us struggle, feeling a bit lost, overwhelmed from striving to push through, or disappointed that things are no longer the same.   

Times of transition, whether mid-workday, mid-pandemic, or mid-life, present us with opportunities to pause and connect with the moment. With mindfulness, we become skilled at bringing awareness to what we need, and learn to meet moments of change and transition with curiosity and openness. 
While our instincts may tell us to forge on, heads down, there is much to be gained by slowing down to look around, to be with what is, and to set an intention about how we wish to move forward with more clarity and insight.   

We invite you to slow down, take note of what is around, behind and just in front of you, and join us in this 9 minute practice: Setting Your Highest Intentions.