Design Your Own Program

We understand that every business and every school has different objectives, budgets and cultures.  Below are three skeleton formats we will tailor to meet your specific needs and goals. 

All courses are available via Zoom!

Intro (1-3 hours)

Intro (1-3hours)Participants explore the foundations of mindfulness through research-based practices that develop their ability to pause and restore balance, and to consciously choose responses rather than falling into automatic, habitual patterns. The science behind the relationship of mindfulness and the human stress response can be explored as well.

Basics (7 hours/1 day)

This one day class provides participants with the concepts and metaphors foundational to mindful living, along with time to integrate strategies into one's home or work life. Concepts and techniques learned in this class will enable participants to manage stress with more skill, and support the intentions of leading a more nourishing life for themselves and in their relationships with others. Specific themes and practices will depend on the goals of the organization. Small group breakouts are generally very useful. 

This class serves as a prerequisite for our Growing Minds Curriculum Training classes.  

Foundations (14-20 hours) 

Eight 90 minute on-site lessons (minimum 12 to maximum of 30 participants).
The Foundations of Mindful Living class is designed as a deeper dive into using mindfulness to explore self-care and the ripple effect of integrating principles and practices of mindful wellbeing individually and organizationally. This course explores the fundamentals of mindfulness, including stepping back from challenging thoughts, exploring difficult emotions, and self-care. Participants will work together in small groups to explore restructuring workplace routines using mindfulness strategies. This capstone course will prepare anyone for a creating a balanced life thorough mindfulness.

Mindfulness: An Eight Week Guide for Finding Peace in a Frantic World by Mark Williams and Danny Pullman is used as a resource. It is based on MBCT and MBSR.

Want to understand why mindfulness is so important?

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